Frichti Concept is a dance company created in 2003 by choreographer Brendan Le Delliou. Frichti Concept operates mainly in public area. The company invents choreographic proposals where the dancer is embodied, is in the present, thus developing a constantly renewed relationship with the area and the public. The crossbreeding of disciplines, of influences, of cultures, is the driving force behind our artistic team work.

Public areas are Frichti Concept's playgrounds. The company constantly revisits them, invests them with its dancers. The company creations reveal to the inhabitants the historical or social patrimony of their own town or village .

The themes induced by dancing in public area always question notions of geographical and intimate frontiers, their porosities and their roots in social codes linked to them.
After a nearly 16 year existence, 29 original creations and more than 330 performances given throughout France and abroad, Frichti Concept has established itself as a dynamic company fully  involved in the field of street arts.

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