Choreographic stroll for 6 dancers
Motionless and strolling – All audiences - 2014 - Duration: 50 minutes

IC # 6 is a choreographic spread for 6 dancers thrown into the public area and confronted with their own relationship to the group, the collective and the environment.
For each performance the show is built of different interwoven modules that are differently linked according to the area encountered. It mixes precise choreographic writing and directed improvisation, in order to stay as close as possible to the area invested and to the public.
Attractiveness is built around ideas of break and diversion, moving from reality towards abstraction.
A shattering and committed springing up in public area, carried away by very different universes, where Broadway meets the Parisian subway, where children games become raw material on the alphalt.

IC # 6 is an experience in the present, where dancers and spectators share an unprecedented and emotional approach to public area.

With (according to the opus) : Virginie Avot, Marie Doiret, Damien Dreux, Yoann Hourcade, Brendan Le Delliou, Cybille Soulier, Christophe Brombin, Mathilde Rance, Lucile Rimbert
Choreography : Brendan Le Delliou
Choreographic assistant : Elodie Tuquet