Public areas are Frichti Concept's playgrounds. The company constantly revisits them, invests them with its dancers. The company creations reveal to the inhabitants the historical or social patrimony of their own town or village.
The themes induced by dancing in public area always question notions of geographical and intimate frontiers, their porosities and their roots in social codes linked to them.

Since 2008, the company has been working on creating, researching and writing directly in public area. These new bases gave birth to Frichti Concept's desire to carry out a thorough work on any specific territory. Linking research, creation and territorial anchoring is essential for the company's work on materials (asphalt sensation, interacting with urban equipment) as well as on themes (porosity between social area and intimate, private and public).
Frichti Concept is also convinced by the necessity of an everyday conjunction between audiences and artistic proposals, as well as by the opportunity of attending an artistic writing process from the beginning to the end.

Since 2012, the company has set up immersion residences in the 10th district of Paris, in Paris suburbs such as Bagneux, Fresnes or Aubervilliers and as part of a CLEA (Local Contract for Artistic Education) in the Maubeuge Val de Sambre urban community (North of France). Frichti Concept explored different formulas, such as intensive presence over a short period, long immersions, each of them punctuated by highlights and regular encounters.
These immersions are organized according to 3 complementary and modular facets depending on the territory:
- a choreographic research and writing in public area facet
- a distribution facet : professional shows, amateur work restitutions and impromptu performances.
- a shared artistic action facet : Safaris Urbains, Danse Flash, Reci(t)proques, dance courses given in public area, in situ creations with amateurs, encounters and debates involving citizens…