Danse Flash

Creation of choreographic moments
Free - Over 6 years - Strolling - Duration: 2h

Danse Flash'stypical feature is the creation of choreographic moments based on works of the company's repertoire mixed with the participants improvised gestures.
After a playful dancing introduction, a work on the body and a short choreographic sequence indoors, the group spreads outdoors and tries to experiment its finds in different areas. Danse Flash is an opportunity to have a different look on public area, to (re) discover and to restore to life a neighborhood in an amazing way by turning it into an artistic expression area.

Frichti Concept offers Danse  Flash as part of its immersion residences.
The first edition took place in the Carré St Lazare district (Paris 10th district) in partnership with the Françoise Sagan media library and the Paris City Hall.