/ (slash), ou l'Homme D

/ (Slash), ou l'Homme D is the story of a man who decides to play his life with dice. He invents his own rules in order to grasp the ultra-normed world in which he evolves. He chooses the random, leaving chance to come to a decision. Nevertheless, realizing that this new framework is much more binding, he decides to side-step the system he has himself set up.
/ (Slash), ou l'Homme D implicates the spectator in order to make him live an experience in the present time. The spectator is kept alert and in motion through sound processing (acoustic sounds, city sounds, well known music), through randomness and through constant tossing between realism and spectacular convention.

/ (Slash), ou l'Homme D is a stroll in the city, reflecting the performer's personal progress. Each stop represents one act of the play and the show is built differently at each performance.

The themes of this show focus on human being conditioning, its relationship to the norm. Their point of view is the dodge. Their exploration wanders at random.